The best games and sports to watch live in Barcelona

Los mejores partidos y deportes para ver en vivo en Barcelona

Hello everyone again from My Bar! Spring is approaching to Barcelona and with it comes the premiere of a new wave of exciting football, rugby, basketball and tennis matches. New sports seasons to follow during this year 2020, to see live in our Sports bar with a charming local and international fans.

It is for this reason that today we put at your disposal, an updated sports calendar of what we will broadcast in our Irish sports bar My Bar, which you can follow from the “Live Sports events” section. During these weeks, a good dose of international sports will be waiting for us to see on site, as the most important football and rugby leagues such as the Champions League, the Europa League, the Six Nations….

A new experience in My bar

Ambiente bar de deportes
Cervezas y partidos en directo en pub irlandés

From our large multiscreen TVs, you can follow in first person the spree action of football and rugby matches along with the best atmosphere and hobby that you can find in Barcelona. In our spacious Irish sports bar you can accommodate yourself while enjoying the live sports that you like the most.

Enjoy every play of the games in a special and unique way. Cheer on your favorite team with our delicious international menu, imported beers and crispy tapas, to share every good moment and every great play with whoever you want.

Check the sports program of our Irish pub and ...

Do not miss any game of the most popular teams like Futbol club Barcelona or Real Madrid!
Do not miss any match of the final of the Guinness Six Nations tournament!
Do not forget any basketball game or any type of sport that you follow ever again!


Do you want to know more about our sports programming?

Do not miss our previous post dedicated to Guinness Six Nations and rugby. The most important game of the Six Nations season is coming! Don't let them tell you the decisive match of England vs Ireland!

Remember: If you have a preference for any type of sport or league that you would like to see live, don't forget to ask us. We are here to help you!

Are you ready to give all your best for your team during this new 2020 season? See you in the next post and as always, we are waiting for you with the best company in our Irish sports bar My Bar in Barcelona near Plaza Real and Las Ramblas.