Origin of Irish Pubs

Welcome to our My Bar blog! Since you have come this far, today we are pleased to present you a special article dedicated to the origins of Irish pubs. A trip back in time that you cannot miss!

Before we start, you need to know that Irish pubs, as we know them today, were born in the 90s by the Mel McNally's The Irish Pub Company. One of the most prestigious construction companies, that diffused his implementation of the Irish essence throughout the world.

Now you will know its true history!

Irish pub or public house

The oldest Irish pubs date from the 10th century, they were an adaptation of the well-known Inn houses in England whose main occupation was to attend to the needs of workers and visitors so that they could have a recreational space, where they could entertain themselves.

taberna irlandesa

Unlike the pubs in England, these Irish pubs also served craft beers and spirits from the region, in fact, they were usually located near the warehouses of the local shops or also in the back rooms of the region to give fast access to workers.

According to the historical chronicles of Ireland, the first Irish pub that was opened and for which there is official documentation that recognizes the honour of being the oldest Irish pub, is  Sean’s Bar with more than 800 years.

Proliferation of Irish pubs around the world

Although Irish pubs were originally minority local towns, their expansion truly began with the 11th century invasion of England, initiated by King Henry VIII. These Irish establishments were used as a form of protest by the population against royal laws that prohibited them from consuming alcoholic beverages.

These clandestine meetings were held in inconspicuous places to avoid problems with the English authorities, in addition to becoming the most important historical settings years later, where the revolutionaries met to prepare their independence from the English government with the creation of the Irish Republic Army (IRA) and the Army of the Republic of Ireland.

Due to the political instability, the internal wars and the famine of the population, a great immigration took place among the inhabitants of Ireland, who opened an Irish pub in each place where they could settle, a fact that was a contribution to popularize Saint Patrick's Day worldwide.

Irish pubs today

It is common that in our days when we speak of an Irish Pub we are unconsciously associated with its famous Irish Guinness beer. This fact is mainly due to the business association between The Irish Pub Company with the Guinness brewery, which took place in the 1990s.

According to the official figures of the company, currently more than 7000 pubs have been opened around the world following an aesthetic of traditional Irish wooden pubs and a menu focused on the most popular Irish beers.